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The Baobab Tree Gallery has been in the Village of the arts since 2004!

Gordon Turner

Gordon's work is best described as whimsical. Using found objects he creates amusing, mischivieous and ecentric pieces.

Christine Turner

Chris is in a current dry spell after finishing a two year stint on the Artist Guild of Manatee board of directors.  She is working to complete the mural at the entrance to the Village on 13th Avenue West and 9th Street West.

Craig Erlick

Using polymer clay Craig forms imaginative creatures with delightful full- toothed grins.


Meta Strick

Meta creates her whimsical Art Dolls in the northern Vermont woods. They come with a name and a story.

Larry Kuwik

Larry's painted assemblages start out as old pallets.  His works are creative interpretations with found objects.

Martin Henry

Martin's brightly painted metal fish, sandpipers and chickens are sure to delight. 

Taylor Robenalt

Sarasota native Taylor Robenalt's primary focus is fantastical sculpture.

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Christine and Gordon Turner, the founders and owner/artists come from rich backgrounds in the arts and education. Christine retired from a 32-year career of teaching art at the high school level. Gordon began his career as a woodshop and drafting teacher, ending as an administrator of technology, libraries and computer education programs.  Most of their careers were in suburban Syracuse, NY school districts.


The Baobab Tree Gallery and Studios (name influenced by Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince) opened its doors on First Friday, March 4, 2004 after a year of extensive renovations on the 1952 bungalow.


Their philosophy in putting together our eclectic collection is threefold.  First, both must like the work. Next, they believe their customers will like the work as well and finally, it must be affordable. They are drawn to unique, well-designed and crafted work with a leaning towards the colorful and whimsical.  All media are represented.


Chris and Gordon are adventurous travelers and are always searching for the perfect pieces that fit their philosophy. Come see what has been collected for you from local, national and world artists.



We are sorry to report that one of the founders of the gallery, Gordon Turner, has passed away. The gallery remains open under the direction of Christine Turner.






















A small sampling of our artists...

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